Education in the 21st Century HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) in Mathematical Literacy

  • Mega Achdisty Noordyan Institut Pendidikan Indonesia Garut
  • Deddy Sofyan Institut Pendidikan Indonesia Garut
  • Iyam Maryati Institut Pendidikan Indonesia Garut
  • Teni Sritresna Institut Pendidikan Indonesia Garut
  • Dian Mardiani Institute Education Indonesian Garut
  • Basuki Basuki Institut Pendidikan Indonesia Garut
  • Cici Nurulhaq Institut Pendidikan Indonesia Garut
Keywords: Higher Order Thingking Skills, HOTS, Mathematics Literacy


“Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat” is one of the higher education tridharma that must be implemented by higher education functional institutions by involving lecturers both individually and in groups. The purpose of this Community Service activity is as a means of delivering information in the fields of Science, Technology and Arts (IPTEKS), findings from research, creation, development and dissemination of science and technology based on current educational developments. This study aims to identify the level of knowledge and practice in the implementation of higher order skills or Higher Order Thingking Skills (HOTS) to improve mathematical literacy. The quantitative approach uses Pearson's correlation to see the closeness of the relationship between the Higher Order Thingking Skills (HOTS) ability of mathematics literacy

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Noordyan, M., Sofyan, D., Maryati, I., Sritresna, T., Mardiani, D., Basuki, B., & Nurulhaq, C. (2020). Education in the 21st Century HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) in Mathematical Literacy. Journal of Community Service, 3(1), 13-17. Retrieved from

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