Hardcopy Order

Hardcopy Order

Do you want to order the printed version of PEKEMAS?

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PEKEMAS: Journal of Community Service has a policy to allow writers and readers to order a printed version of PEKEMAS, a certain volume / number. Hardcopy costs are the minimum costs applied to cover the printing, handling, packaging and shipping of the journal. To keep the process simple, Mosharafa prices apply to all volumes. The following Mosharafa print prices in accordance with the quality of printing, namely:


Standard Edition:

Price per Issue (per number): 125,000 (IDR)
Price per Volume (Bundle): 375,000 (IDR)

Estimation of the process of 2-3 months.


Exclusive Edition:

Price per Issue (per number): 150,000 (IDR)
Price per Volume (Bundle): 450,000 (IDR)

Estimation of the work process 1-2 months.


Prices include shipping, handling, packaging and hardcopy fees to the address of the author or customer. Print full color print.

Requests for hardcopy of journals can send an email: journalpekemas@institutpendukasi.ac.id with the subject heading "Print Order" or contact the contact via WhatsApp to number 081321262826.