Author fee

Author fee

This journal imposes costs on the author, namely:

Article Submission: 0 (IDR)
Authors do not need to pay article submission fees.

Article assistance fee (APC) / Article publication fee: 0 (IDR)

PEKEMAS: Journal of Community Service does not charge publication fees every year 2018. Starting from 2020, to improve services, this journal charges the cost of publishing articles to support editing of articles sent, and management and publication of public journals, outside authors or authors from within planning for Cost publications include:

1). The default limit for the number of pages is 10-12 pages. For each additional page, an additional fee of 0 (IDR) per page will be charged.
2). Journal hardcopy printing costs as much as 1 item.
3). The cost of sending hardcopy to the author.
4). Honor the reviewer who does the work.
5). DOI registration for each article.
6). Examination of article similarity by Turnitin; the final result will be sent to the author.